EAFB Fire Training Facility Reconstruction

A mostly empty Mainline Contracting site.


Mainline had the opportunity to be a part of a design build project at Ellsworth AFB to reconstruct the Fire Training Facility that was originally built in the 1980’s.

This facility is one of two facilities in the United States that still uses jet fuel for Fire Training. The facility consists of a mock aircraft in a containment pond that is flooded with fuel and set on fire to simulate a crashed aircraft.

Our work started with removing the mock aircraft, then demolishing the existing containment pond and liners. We constructed a new larger 150’ diameter pond with bentonite & HDPE liners and installed a double containment washdown and drain back system. Layers of large rock were used to protect the pond liners from the intense heat of the fires. The mock aircraft was re-set on new concrete footings within the pond.

We are proud to have been on the project team for such a unique and exciting project which provides a modern facility to help our fire fighters keep their skills polished to handle emergencies.


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