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9th Street Reconstruction, Columbus to Fulton

9th Street Reconstruction, Columbus to Fulton
Type: Featured, Structural, Residential
9th Street Reconstruction, Columbus to Fulton

Project Description

This project reconstructed 9th Street from the intersection of Fulton Street north through the intersection of Columbus Street, Fulton Street from 9th Street to Mt Rushmore Rd, South Street from 9th Street to Mt Rushmore Rd and also installed 60” RCP Storm Sewer from Columbus to Kansas City Street. The reason to reconstruct these streets was due to the aging infrastructure and also to change the flow direction of the existing storm sewer system to flow northward to Kansas City Street because the existing flow direction would become obsolete once Phase 2 of the 3 Phase Mt Rushmore Rd Project was completed. Work included demolition of all street surfaces, curb and gutter, driveway approaches, and certain sidewalks. All of the aging underground water, sewer and storm sewer mains were replaced. The complete street section was replaced with new gravel, curb and gutter, concrete filet and pans, driveway approaches, ADA compliant handicap ramps, asphalt paving and landscaping items such as sod and trees were installed. 

Work began on this project in October 2015 and continued through the winter months as weather allowed. All work was completed in October of 2016.

Mainline's crew that was assigned to our project were professional throughout the project and assured that the City's expectations were met and exceeded. In spite of numerous project challenges which included confined site conditions, groundwater/creek seepage, dep bore pits, large cobble to bore through and period of extreme cold weather, Mainline Contracting completed the project with quality workmanship, on time and on budget. 

Kyle Mathis, PE,

Last summer we had the experience of reconstruction on our street. Fortunately for the city, Mainline Construction and Complete Concrete made it as painless as possible. I hope the city continues to use these two fine companies often. 

Milton & Rhonda Wright,

Mainline Contracting made an outstanding effort to exceed compliance expectations for the installation of the drainage improvements, crossings and box culverts for the Back 9 holes at the Elkhorn Ridge Golf Course. The site compliance record at this time is outstanding and is clearly a result of good team effort. 

Mainline Contracting Inc did an excellent job working with the residents affected by the project and providing the resources required to overcome the harsh weather conditions. They kept a positive attitude and were able to meet the substantial completion date set for the project without sacrificing the quality or workmanship of the construction. 

Hiene Junge,

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